Into The Woods

H&M     T-shirt   |   Jack & Jones   Shorts |     Vans   Shoes

H&M T-shirt Jack & Jones Shorts | Vans Shoes

H&M Hat | Vintage   Dress and Shirt   | H&M Sandals

H&M Hat | Vintage Dress and Shirt | H&M Sandals

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Why the spotted clothing? Well, the spots represent things. Rays of sunshine. Tropical islands. Grains of rice. Yes, rice. Even just a bowl of plain white rice would have done the trick. We could have been eating something other than chewing gum for breakfast if we had bothered to think ahead. The number of times our stomachs growled in hunger definitely outnumbers the spots on our outfits.

There are also aren't enough spots to represent the close to infinite number of metro stops we passed through on the way to the ferry. There aren't enough spots to represent the endless number of strangers awaiting the ferry, unashamed to let gravity lower their jaws and stare at the slightly tall, slightly dark and slightly handsome man arguing with his shorter, lighter and prettier companion. Finally, there are not enough spots to represent the number of trees filling Dong Ping National Forest Park.   




Photography :



 Dong Ping National Forest Park

Directions :

From Shanghai city centre take  a taxi or public transport ( Metro Line 3 to Baoyang Station, then Bus 9) to the harbour. Take the ferry from Baoyang harbour to Chongming Island. Take the island bus or taxi from the harbour to Dong Ping National Forest Park.