Enoshima Blues

Zara Sunglasses    |        H&M    Sandals

Zara Sunglasses | H&M Sandals

Uniqlo   T-shirt   | Flea Market Backpack |   Jack & Jones   Shorts

Uniqlo T-shirt | Flea Market Backpack | Jack & Jones Shorts

Zara     Dress   | Flea Market Bag 

Zara Dress | Flea Market Bag 

Fifty Shades of Grey. You might have seen it in theatres or at home, or not at all. When in Shanghai, I get to see it every time I look out of the window or step outside. I’m sure you’ve realised by now that I am talking about smog and not the racy movie/book. 


The grey overdose and lack of blue skies has definitely begun influencing Yun and I subconsciously, as we suddenly seem to be magnetically drawn to everything blue. In the spirit of all things blue we flew to Japan ( On a budget airline), donned our finest blue attire (The fact that this is our finest attire says much about our glamour standards) and spent the day in Fujisawa hunting blue things to create our own Fifty Shades of Blue. 


A box office flop for sure. As you can see, our version clearly lacks the raciness and provocativeness of the original. It also lacks about 40 shades of blue. We did, however, get very hot and bothered...and almost sunburnt.







Fujisawa, Japan

Directions :

Arrive in Fujisawa by rail or highway and take the Enoshima Electric Railway line. The stops we visited along the line were Enoshima, Kamakura-Koko-Mae and Shichirigahama.