rice & shine


We are Dzingai, Yun and Stefano. A little family, traveling the world in style, one continent at a time. If you are reading this you are most likely interested in our travels, our style, our story or none of the above - in which case you probably clicked on the wrong link. 

Yun’s from Taipei, Dzingai doesn’t know where he’s from (Italian/Zimbabwean, who grew up in Johannesburg) and Stefano is a very confused baby. 

Though we met in the small town of Perugia in Italy, it was Thailand that brought us together. We haven't even been there together yet - but sharing our experiences of its lovely people and places started a friendship/romance/partnership, which eventually led to this blog and our little family.

Though originally a fashion blog, we realized along the way that it’s not our only passion, and Rice & Shine is now a travel and style blog for sharing our adventures, insights and tips on traveling in style.

When Stefano was born we gave him a little time to fatten up and then we quit our jobs, packed our bags and got on the first flight to South Africa.

Rather than dream about traveling the world, we decided to make it our life.


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