Dong Tai Antique Market

Marni for H&M   Dress   | H&M Backpack | Taobao Sandals

Marni for H&M Dress | H&M Backpack | Taobao Sandals

Uniqlo   T-shirt |   Jack & Jones   Shorts |   Fjallraven   Backpack

Uniqlo T-shirt | Jack & Jones Shorts | Fjallraven Backpack

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H&M   Shoes

H&M Shoes

Out with the old and in with the new. That's the cold, hard truth of this world. Records made way for cassette tapes, cassette tapes for CDs, and now almost everything we listen to is digital. I know, I know, CDs still exist, but the only people still buying CDs are the same people still using Myspace. So, as was the case with CDs and Myspace, something newer is coming along to take the place of the Dong Tai Road Antique Market and I wouldn't be surprised if it's an Apple store. 

I, personally, had no idea the market existed until a few days ago. I revealed this to Yun, and my bad hearing almost became total hearing loss, if you get what I'm saying. To be fair, along with having bad hearing I also have a terrible memory, and in all likelihood Yun would have told me about the place several trillion times. It's also clear that I don't read guide books, as apparently it's quite the tourist attraction.

So before it becomes the next Apple Store, we finally paid it a visit. Yun dressed with her head and wore a loose fitting dress for the heat, a tiny backpack to avoid getting stuck in the crowds and sandals so her feet wouldn't hurt from walking. I dressed with my heart. Blue to symbolise the sombre mood of the stall owners/antique shopaholics and, ironically, also the colour of Apple Store employees t-shirts.  

*We are not activists or soccer moms, so we didn't turn up with large cardboard protest signs and bottled water. We just came with the bottled water... and camera, of course.