Back To Bali

"Crouched down, leg muscles loaded like guns and her entire body wound up like a spring. Beads of sweat trickled down her wrinkled brow and  her eyes remained fixed on her prey as she waited impatiently. 

As the bouquet took flight she sprang forward like a gazelle, darting between falling bodies and propelled herself into its arc... only to see it grasped away from her the ends of her fingertips" - My wife

...(attempting to catch the bouquet at her best friends wedding last year.)

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Well, as you can imagine from her acrobatics, she's not a lady willing to take no for an answer. Dissatisfied with her attempts to bend fate to her will, she came up with a more practical approach - a proposal. 

In my uncle's house (of all places), on Christmas (of all days) and in pajamas (of all attire) she bent down on one knee (she didn't) and - you get the picture. She got everything right. Well, according to how I like things - simple and minimal.

And that is the reason for a return trip to Bali. 

A year later, married and expecting a baby - which funnily enough, we came to know about a month after the proposal. 

So yes, back to Bali. Why?.... Why not?