Check Inn

For the last two weeks we were in Taipei visiting friends, family and celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival. For a long time Yun and I could only spend festive occasions talking to each other with Skype or FaceTime, so the past year has been perfect as we have been together for them all. While in Taipei we not only got to spend Yun’s birthday together, Check Inn added to the fun by inviting us to spend the night before her birthday there.

To be honest we didn’t really explore the room until the morning , as after checking in and taking a quick look around we went out to do some pre-birthday activities. Which involved stuffing ourselves with all manner of foods, hanging around with friends and family and (most importantly!) shopping for a birthday outfit (of course Yun didn’t just wear yellow by coincidence).

When you wake up away from home, it’s the small things that either make you miss home or, as in our case, forget all about it. Waking up with the sun streaming in and views of the city below you, taking a shower lathered in body wash and shampoo that smell of summer and being able to wander downstairs and eat something delicious (the bakery below our apartment might actually be the worst bakery in Shanghai). So in our case - why go home???

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Check Inn-11.jpg
Zara   T-shirt   |   Jack & Jones   Shorts |     H&M   Shoes |   Xiaomi   Mi Band |   Zara     Dress   |     H&M     Sandals

Zara T-shirt Jack & Jones Shorts | H&M Shoes | Xiaomi Mi Band | Zara Dress | H&M Sandals

We headed down to breakfast and one yellow thing led to another. Eggs, French Toast and crispy, golden fries. Definitely the right way to start a birthday. Thanks for a wonderful time, Check Inn.







253 Songjiang Road, Taipei, Taiwan


Arrive by taxi or take the metro to Xingtian Temple Station (Xinzhuang Line). Check Inn is 2 mins walk from both Exit 2 and  Exit 3.